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Call 995 for Medical & Fire emergencies in Singapore! ★ This line is manage by the Singapore Civil Defence. You will be required to identify yourself & provide your contact number. Try to be specific in giving the location. SCDF will send the patient to the nearest hospital & not the hospital of your choice.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) is a uniformed organisation under the purview of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The main role of SCDF is to provide fire-fighting, rescue and emergency ambulance services; mitigating hazardous materials incidents, as well as formulate, implement and enforce regulations on fire safety and civil defence shelter matters. In 1982, the National Civil Defence Plan was launched which spearheaded the emergency preparedness for the nation.

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Building Professionals

We administer Fire Safety Act and Civil Defence Shelter Act in Singapore. We set, maintain and enforce a high standard of fire safety and CD Shelter standards in buildings and premises so as to ensure a safe and secure home and work place in Singapore.

1.Fire Safety Plan Approval

We set, maintain and enforce a high standard of fire safety in buildings so as to ensure a safe and secure home and work place in Singapore. The Fire Safety Act was enacted on 1st April 1994. Our requirements for Fire Safety Plan Approval such as Consultation, Plan Approval etc are listed below. Please contact us if you have any question on fire safety matters.

2.Fire Safety Permit and Certification

3.Amusement Rides Approval

Under the Amusement Ride Safety Act (ARSA), the ride operators are to seek approval from SCDF via proper plans submission on the design and installation works for the Fire and Rescue Management System and subsequently, after an inspection by SCDF, obtain clearance in the form of a Certificate of Compliance (COC) for such completed works

4. Fire Safety Licensing and Enforcement

Regulations 25 of the Fire Safety Act enacted in 2005 requires companies storing more than 5 metric tonnes of Flammable Materials (FM) to have a properly trained and equipped Company Emergency Reponse Team (CERT) to be on site to response to any initiating incidents.



Planning and policies

The SCDF initiated its community service programmes in 1998 by supporting a group of identified charities. Recognising that community involvement efforts contribute towards meeting SCDF’s corporate goals and objectives, our programmes are endorsed and supported by the SCDF’s senior management. The SCDF aims to integrate our community service programmes into our core business through providing expertise services to our adopted homes/ charities. For example, our staff may help the adopted charities to develop fire safety plans or to conduct emergency exercises at the homes.


All SCDF personnel are given opportunities to volunteer and participate in community service programmes. To avoid overloading the units, ongoing commitments to other community activities are reviewed prior to the introduction of new initiatives.

Support For Charitable Organisations

SCDF’s efforts in community service are channelled into three designated categories based on a list of charities assigned to the care of individual sub-units. The categories are defined according to the nature of the charities and the types of support that SCDF can extend. These categories are as follows:

  1. Category A : Voluntary work and professional assistance rendered to assigned homes.
  2. Category B : Fundraising and other activities carried out for assigned charities related to emergency services or the Home Team.
  3. Category C : Other ad-Hoc fundraising efforts.

Environmental Initiatives

Efforts to conserve electricity and water are well-integrated into SCDF’s overall activities, core functions and processes. SCDF had achieved the mandatory certification such as Water Efficient Building Award/Friends of Water by Public Utilities Board (PUB), the National Water Agency.

/content/scdf_internet/en/general/about-us/corporate_socialresponsibilitycsr/jcr:content/par/textimage_extended_1/image/fileSCDF also promotes wholesome activities which have a positive impact on the environment. Since 2009, our officers have been participating in the Our Waters Programme where the volunteers would be involved in clean-up efforts in the adopted waterways. SCDF also actively promoted good environmental habits/practices among stakeholders.
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