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Eyes and eyebrows are windows of the soul. Though a relatively smaller facial feature, many of us are aware how a modification of the eyebrow, even a very fine one, can result in surprisingly distinctive changes to how one can look.

An interesting study published by MIT has demonstrated that when people were asked to identify celebrities with either their eyes or their eyebrows digitally edited out, 60% were recognized with eyes edited out whereas a lesser 46% were identified with eyebrows edited out.

Because of this highly delicate nature, many fear to make much changes to their eyebrows, in case it goes terribly and irreparably wrong. Today, there are still lack of eyebrow professionals who have real in-depth technical knowledge (hair type, skin type, facial contour) and more complete beauty sense (ie. not just matching the face per se but also the personality, deportment, occupation) revolving around this delicate facial feature.

Everyone has different facial features, personality and style that calls for different brow shapes. Also, our own brow may have its imperfections. Some have inadequate hair growth, some may have imbalanced eyebrows and some are too long or too short. There are also people who as a result of having engaged the services of unprofessional eyebrow therapists resulted in such similar problems or decoloration of their eyebrows.

We believe there are a large proportion of people who are not contented with their eyebrows but unable to reach out to the professionals in this area. They are plagued with the fear of not knowing what type of eyebrow is suitable for their face shape, what is the problem with their eyebrows or not confident of solving the problem.

Hence, the birth of HighBrow. Our professionals are here to salvage the above situations.

Basic Brow’sing
  • Threading
  • Tweezing
  • TnT (Threading and Tweezing)
Brow shaping and colouring
  • Threading
  • Tweezing
  • TNT
Brow Enliven!
  • The Works
  • High Brow Works by Creative Director
  • Brow’sing at Length (Lengthening)
  • Touch-up (within 6 momths)
Gimme Face!
Complete treatment for face (includes forehead, chin, cheeks, sides (not including ears)
  • Threading
  • Tweezing
  • TnT
Brow’sing by Sections
  • Upper Lip
  • Lower Lip
  • Chins
  • Cheeks
  • Sideburns
  • Fingers
  • Sideburns+Chin
  • Uni-Lash-eral (30mins) / Cluster
    Lashes to Last (check and repair Uni-Lash-eral)
  • Uni-Lash-eral (60mins) / Lash by lash
    Lashes to Last (check and repair Uni-Lash-eral)
The Ultimate Lash-eral
(Ultra fine lashes)
Lashes to Last (check and repair Uni-Lash-eral)
Customisation of length and style of lash is done upon consultation of your likes!
  • Backlash (come back within 3 weeks after treatment is done and let us touch up your Uni-Lash-eral extensions)
  • Droplash (remove lashes)
  • Lash Curling
  • Lash Splash (colour my lashes)
Eye Defining/Eye Lining
  • Upper eye line
  • Lower eye line
  • Eye line touch-up (winthin 6 months of eyeliner done)
Facial Treatment

  • Biologique
  • Facial Treatments for all skin types (even for sensitive skins)!
get your brows done here~they provide brows services from threading to tweezing, brow shaping and coloring and threading for the facial hairs too. go visit them at
The Star Vista #B1-25, 1 Vista Exchange Green, (S)138617

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28 May 2013 13:50:18
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get your brows done here~they provide brows services from threading to tweezing, brow shaping and coloring and threading for the facial hairs too. go visit them at The Star Vista #B1-25, 1 Vista Exchange Green, (S)138617
I have always wanted to try japanese eyelash extension. Result is just wonderful, i feel like a doll and my eyes look big :)
Gone brow ($15) and upper lip ($5) threading done here. love the service- very accomodating and professional. Ask for queenie- shes awesome!
They have a new eyebrow technology called "enliven" patented by Highbrow SG.Friendly staff and will recommend the best eyebrow shape to enhance your face
Professional service with great technical and artistic skills! Much better than many of the other brow services found in Singapore.
The chinese new year promo of lashworks at 30% off is a great deal! Hurry to High Brow and experience their exceptional service.
Highbrow provides many eyebrow/eyelash services and treatments. If you are seeking the professionals, then you should head down to their branch now. There's a new one at Star Vista Mall!
I head here for eyebrow threading and its awesome! Great service! Ask them about the packages-- u will save tons in the long run!
New Opening Promotion One stop place for your brow needs. Tweeting, Threading.... Others services include eyelash extensions...
Want to get your eyebrows done? There is a highbrow branch at the star vista mall! ;)