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About Us

About Us

Herb De Orient now introduces an innovative complete range of skin and body care products to cater to individual skin types and needs. All its products are derived from the optimal synergy of oriental herbal extracts and precious ingredients that work together to deliver better visible results. Truly an amazing range of product formulations that incorporate oriental wisdom with advanced western technology to nourish, tone, refine and purify the skin.

Herb De Orient has fully researched into the study of oriental herbs and selected more than 100 herbs which are used in our personal care product range. Today, Herb De Orient can boast of the largest number of oriental herbs used as active ingredients in a single product range worldwide.

Using cutting edge Western technology of extracting Asian herbs and incorporating these extracts into our formulations, they are more effective, as well as aesthetically pleasing with light invigorating fragrances.

Each and every herb has been carefully studied to identifiy any possible over dosage, herb contradictions, herb synergies, herb neutralizations and allergies. Their suitabilty and safety have been tested.

Indeed, Herb De Orient body range is specially formulated for the maintaining of total well being as well as in addressing specific skin problems such as acne, oily skin, eczema, dryness,sensitive skin, dermatitis, sunburnt skin, inflammation, ageing, whitening, pigmentation, slimming, body odor, fungus, bacteria, virus, insects’ bite and minor cuts.

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