Popcorn machine, kettle corn popper

Popcorn machine, kettle corn popper
Popcorn is a universal item liked by all. Right from children to elders, everyone enjoys fresh popcorn. As there are no side effects and as corn is also very good for health, it is a choice of one and all. It has no chemical additives and contains no extra oil or spice and so makes an ideal eatable even for sick people. Hence, popcorn machines slowly gained utmost importance. Popcorn machines installed near school and college campuses are always flocked by students. Machines installed near public places such as beaches, parks, gardens, hotels and restaurants are no exception. Fresh popcorn is always liked and as it is neither a very expensive food nor a very rich food obstructing the appetite; it is the favorite of many. It is welcomed as a snack, for passing the time and also as a meal when one runs short of time or money.
Popcorn machines are commonly found in numerous places. It has become a compulsory kitchen gadget. Many people enjoy eating fresh popcorn. Recently, many events and occasions install fresh popcorns. There are many packages that include accessories that cannot be conveniently purchased individually. There are certain mobile concession packages that will be of great use during special events. Besides the packages, a trailer to drag the kettle corn popper equipment is required. Certain shows may require huge quantities of popcorn, so considering it and arriving at a decision is recommended.
Light weight equipments are available and are of great advantage as loading it in a van or truck that picks up for shows or if the equipment goes on a rental basis it is easy. A mobile concession package fits a 6’ x12’ trailer. The advantage in this trailer is it can be dragged and opening the window is easy. But certain shows or events do not entertain trailers or restrict them from the food area. So setting up a small tent adjacent to the entertainment area will boost the sales. Having poly bags and extra scoops as well as ladles is essential. A cash drawer and change aprons with lockable cash drawers and staples are a must. Light weight gloves to safeguard the hands while stirring, disposable gloves for bagging the corn, three plastic buckets for rinsing, washing and sanitizing, fire extinguisher, covered garbage containers, paper towels, chorine bleach for cleaning the equipments and propane tanks are essential things required for any popcorn machine to be installed for any event. The last but not the least is the ingredients.
Besides this package, a table of six or eight feet is required to keep the customers at a distance from the popcorn kettle. Purchasing this from any department store will serve the purpose. A gallon of water dispenser for hot water storing that is needed for hand as well as equipment washing. In case of installing tents for shows, a tent with three sides is required. This tent should be of flame retardant material. Ensure the tent can be fixed and removed quickly. Another table is required to hold the supplies as well as the ingredients. A banner announcing Kettle Corn is required so that one clearly understands what is available. These are the essential things to set up a popcorn machine stall.

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