Cool Ice Cream Snacks

Whether it's a fun party activity or just a way to pass the time on a ho-hum day, getting creative in the kitchen can be an enjoyable pursuit for kids of all ages. This is especially true when working with ice cream.

A particularly delicious way to get this culinary craft under way is to start with an exceptional ice cream, such as Dreyer's/Edy's Girl Scouts® Thin Mint, Samoas® and Tagalongs® Cookie Ice Creams. These limited edition flavors are only available through May, so now's the time to get scooping so you don't get left out in the cold.

Cool Birds

1 large scoop Dreyer's/Edy's Girl Scouts® Thin Mint Cookie Ice Cream

1 medium scoop Dreyer's/Edy's Girl Scouts Thin Mint Cookie Ice Cream

2 orange slice candies

2 black jelly beans

1 orange jelly bean

1 Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie, cut in half

1. Place large scoop of ice cream on a plate to make the body of the bird. Top with medium scoop for the head of the bird.

2. Arrange orange slices for bird's feet.

3. Place black jelly beans for eyes and orange jelly bean for beak.

4. Press cookie halves into sides of large scoop of ice cream for wings. Serve immediately or freeze.

Tip: Set out a selection of candies and cookies. Provide scoops of ice cream for kids to create their own "animal friends," such as bears, mice, owls or turtles.

Samoa Sushi Surprise

Makes 12 servings

6 large scoops Dreyer's/Edy's Girl Scouts® Samoas® Cookie Ice Cream

12 Girl Scout Café or Trefoil Cookies

3 green fruit rolls, cut into 12 strips (1" wide)

Colored sprinkles

Swedish Candy Fish (optional)

1. Place 3 scoops of ice cream in a row on a piece of plastic wrap or wax paper. Wrap and press ice cream into a 11/2-inch by 71/2-inch roll. Place in freezer. Repeat for second roll. Freeze rolls several hours until firm.

2. Put cookies in a plastic bag; crush with a rolling pin or your hands to make fine crumbs.

3. Put half the crumbs onto a piece of plastic wrap or wax paper. Unwrap ice cream; roll and press into crumbs to coat all sides. Repeat with second ice cream roll. Freeze until firm.

4. Cut each roll into six 11/4-inch-wide slices. Wrap each slice with a strip of fruit roll. Arrange "sushi" on a plate and decorate cut sides with sprinkles. Freeze up to one hour. (Or, omit fruit rolls and arrange Swedish Fish on top of cylinder. Slice ice cream between the fish to serve.)

Tip: To keep ice cream from melting too quickly, chill a metal baking sheet in the freezer and use it as your work surface to roll and cut the ice cream.

Kids can have a lot of fun being creative in the kitchen, especially when they use ice cream as their "building material."

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