The Easiest And Tastiest Dip Ever.

You can’t have a party without a dip.

What is the first thing you serve guests at a party? At any function for that matter.

It’s the Dip.

There are so many options at the store for pre-made dips. Some are good but some are at best, ‘pretty average’.

Some are cheap, and they probably taste it too. Some are expensive but are they any better.

And how many times have you bought a pre-made one from the store and wish you had not.

I will admit, I am guilty of this. It looks so nice in the display at the store. Bright labels and glowing pictures, it’s so easy to just pick it up. But….

If it tastes Yuk, what use is it. How embarrassing to start the party with something less than fantastic.

So we need a recipe.

No, no wait. Don’t run away.

I mean something that is really easy. Really, really easy. As easy as picking that item off the store shelf. I mean there is the rest of the party to worry about, we need something easy.

Now some dip recipes require cooking, Well we don’t want that. Some other dip recipes call for soaking and heaps of exotic ingredients.

No, NO, NO!

What we need is a really, really simple recipe.

And here it is. This is our families secret dip recipe, which gets rave reviews every time we serve it. Someone always asks for the recipe, which is a bit embarrassing because it is so simple.

Take one jar of corn relish and one tub of cream cheese, mix equal quantities together.

Yep that’s it. So Easy and yet So Delicious. Make it up the day before or two minutes before the guests arrive – it won’t matter.

Until our next Cooking Encounter

Enjoy Cooking!

Lisa "The Crock Cook"

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