Recipe Caribbean Pesto Sauce


2 oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil (best quality you can find)
1.5 oz Cashew nuts (other nuts if not available)
1 oz coconut milk (preferably fresh)
1 oz Fresh Big Thyme (Basil if not available but it must be fresh)
1 oz Fresh Parsley
½ teaspoon ginger (or more if you like it hot, preferably fresh)
Salt (less than you think), pepper
A pinch of hot sauce (optional)


The preparation is very simple: put all ingredients in the kitchen machine and blend them until a fine consistency. Too thick? Add olive oil. Too thin: add ground nuts. Taste, add salt, pepper and ginger. In the Caribbean we add a tiny pinch of hot sauce which lifts up the taste.

Where the Italian Pesto combines with Parmesan, this Caribbean Pesto Sauce does not because the taste conflicts with the coconut milk.

Besides the traditional sauce for Pasta, it is also great for canapés or on French bread, toast. More innovatively, use it on steak, vegetables......

If you want to make this recipe but don't have Big Thyme (does not taste like thyme at all) use basil. It does not taste the same, but is the best option.

Big Thyme is a wonderful herb which Aloe Vera Restaurant uses in many dishes.
Aloe Vera is the gourmet restaurant at Paradise Bay Resort in Grenada

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