Mustard Plant Is Considered A Great Plant

Mustard plant is is one of the several plant species that are found in many countries. Their mustard seeds are useful in cooking. Mustard seeds are grinded and mixed with water and transformed into a condiment. From mustard plant we can obtain mustard oil which is very useful. Mustard oil is obtained by pressing the mustard seeds. The importance of mustard plant is also mentioned in the Bible.

Wild and black mustard are some of the species of mustard plant. Mustard plants generally do not achieve their normal height in low rainfall area. Mild white mustard plants grow in North America and the Mediterranean Europe. Mustard plants have the capacity to spread rapidly in areas where they are introduced.

Mustard plant is an interesting plant which is very useful to man. It has both culinary and medicinal value. Black mustard, white mustard plant and leaf mustard are of the many different types of health giving mustard plant. Mustard plant contains volatile oils which have antimicrobial properties Mustard plants are able to cure many problems.

Powdered mustard is used an appetite stimulant, anti inflammatory, rubefacient, diuretic, laxative, digestive aid, emetic, irritant and for many other purposes. Mustard plant is also used to combat sinus problems. It enhances blood circulation. Mustard plant gives mustard flour when sprinkled in socks save the toes from frostbite. Seeds of mustard plant are used as preservatives. They are used as a medicine for spleen and liver complaints. Mustard plant also gives mustard plaster which if used as a dressing, increases blood flow to injured areas of the body. Mustard plaster is also used to lessen rheumatism, arthritis and toothache. Muster plaster is an official treatment for reducing fever.

Some mustard plants are grown and cultivated as green vegetables. Mustard if cultivated properly can produce oilseed which is very useful. Leaves of Indian mustard plant is one of the main ingredient in western and Indian food. Mustard plants are used for removing heavy metals from soil as these plants have high tolerance for such substances. These metals are very hazardous for other plant communities and are found in waste sites. Mustard plant store these metals in their cells. Later these plants are harvested and disposed. This method of removing heavy metals is cheaper and less expensive than other methods. This method is also useful in preventing erosion of soil from such sites.

Greeks have described the Mustard plant as the greatest plant because of its usefulness to mankind. Mustard plant has the ability and capacity to sprout, bloom, and mature at a remarkable rate. Despite rapid growth, their quality is long lasting. Mustard plants have the ability to reproduce itself through the process of natural germination. These plants are functional and useful year after year. Every part of mustard plant can be utilized effectively. Mustard plant is also used for treating patients suffering from cold. Mustard seeds if applied to chest will prevent pneumonia. Leaf mustard can also be used as a salad. So the next time you see a mustard plant do not uproot it as it is extremely useful.

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