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So, you have what you think is the perfect salsa recipe and it is still not turning out the way it should when you make it? Or maybe you are looking for ways to make your fresh garden salsa even better? Well, here are seven tips to get the best out of your salsa recipe and turn an ordinary salsa into an extraordinary salsa. 1. Have the proper equipment and keep them in good shape. Make sure your knives are sharp and your cutting boards are clean. Keep several large bowls on hand. If you are using tomatoes, avoid metal bowls since the metal will interact with the acids in the tomatoes. A food processor is also a handy gadget to have and will decrease your salsa making time. 2. Always use fresh rip vegetables. Use local produce whenever you can. Vegetables grown in your or your neighbor's garden will always taste better. Explore your local farmers market for fresh produce. If you must buy from your local grocery store, experiment with organic produce if available. 3. Learn to chop food correctly. Take a class on food chopping and you can learn how to quickly and safely chop a wide variety of foods. Practice makes perfect in this regard. 4. Chop your salsa ingredients finely. Every scoop of salsa should have a little bit of each salsa ingredient in it. Finely chopped produce will ensure this. A food processor can help with this but be careful that you don't overdo it. 5. Always use fresh spices. The flavor and strength of spices deteriorate over time. Keep your spices in a lidded container away from sunlight. Write on the spice container the data that you opened it and throw away any spices older than six months. Whole spices can last longer. 6. Always use fresh oils. Like spices, oils lose their flavor over time and some can go rancid if kept too long. Oils kept in a closed container away from sunlight can last for up to 6 months. Oils high in monosaturated fats can last up to a year if stored in the refrigerator. 7. Once you have made your salsa, don't serve it immediately. Store the salsa in a sealed container in your refrigerator for two or more hours, overnight is best. This allows the different flavors in the salsa to "marry" creating a much better flavor. Your patience will be rewarded. Following these seven tips will help make your homemase salsa the best it can be. Picking a good salsa recipe is only half of what makes a good salsa. With a great salsa recipe, fresh quality ingredients, the right tools in top shape, and a few basic cooking skills you can make salsa that people will talk about for a long time.

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