How To Prepare The Creole Mustard Recipe

Creole mustard, one of the variety of mustard is today extensively used in the preparation of various recipes. It is mostly found around Louisiana and Mississippi of the United States and can be used both in the vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. The slightly crushed variety of wholegrain mustard is termed as Creole mustard. Neither the mustard is completely crushed nor is the mustard whole. Different ingredients are added to the mustard to enhance its taste. The producers, depending on the peoples’ preferences, generally mix different items to the mustard. However, the basic taste remains intact.

Mustard belongs to the Brasssica family of flora. The crushed mustard produces heat and it is spicy too. The French used to add wine to the mustard. The mustards were earlier used only for medicinal purposes. Its culinary properties were discovered later. Renowned scientist Pythagoras used mustard paste to cure scorpion bites and later mustard plasters were also extensively used to cure toothaches and other diseases. Christian missionaries used mustard in their religious activities. Infact the Vatican had a mustard-maker exclusively for the Pope.

Earlier the mustards were mostly prepared at home. The mustard seeds were hammered in mortar and the powdered seeds were later mixed with vinegar. However, by 14th century Dijon of USA had distinguished itself as the mustard producing centre of the globe. The Creole mustard’s history dates back to 1720 A.D. It was during this period that a technique was developed to get dry powder from the mustard seeds; this mustard powder had a very long shelf life. Jeremiah Colman in 19th century popularized the use of mustard. He also became the mustard-maker for Queen Victoria of England in 1866. He made very high quality mustard flour, which is still popular today and is called Colman’s Mustard in his loving memory.

Horse Shoe and Zatarain’s are the two famous brands of Creole mustard. This variety of mustard is extensively used in different dishes but it finds its wide applicability in po-boys. It is hot, spicy, coarse and thick and before using it, it is marinated. The mustard is mostly used in America and can be used in any kind of American recipes. The Americans love the dishes prepared with Creole mustard. It is a completely American variety of food. There are two varieties available in the market. One variety contains seeds, which are coarse, and the other variety is completely smooth. Both the variety have wide acceptance among the people.

These mustards are generally preferred with variety of flavors such as with honey, peppercorns, citrus fruits, sherry or champagne. To what extent the flavor has to be used depends on the taste of the person. These mustards are available through out the year and do not get spoiled if proper care is take. It should be kept in the refrigerator if the pack is opened. An unopened pack should be stored in a dark room. The mustard can be used with fish, pork, cabbage, sausages, avocado etc. Indeed both the vegetarians as well as the non-vegetarians can enjoy it equally.

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