How Gourmet Mustard Enhances Food Tastes

Mustard since time immemorial has fascinated the mankind. The gourmet mustard has not only provided taste but has also due to its unique medicinal properties as helped many too get rid of scores of diseases. It has lot of religious and cultural significances. The Romans, the Greeks, the French, the British; name any country and you will find the presence of mustard there. It is often said that mustards were earlier used for only medicinal purposes and its culinary qualities were discovered later. Pythagoras, a renowned mathematician, used mustard pastes to cure scorpion bites.

Mustard plasters were used extensively to cure toothache and other diseases. Lots of superstition is associated with mustard. One belief was that if a bride wears clothed studded with mustard seeds, she can win the love of her in-laws. People living in different parts of the world had different views of the gourmet mustard. But one thing common was that; everybody liked the flavor of the recipe made with mustard. Mustard enhanced the taste of the food to a great extent. Mustards were used with any kinds of foodstuffs from non-vegetarian foods like fish, meat chicken to vegetarian food like cabbage, sausages etc.

Gourmet mustard is mixed with wine, vinegar, spices, sugar etc. and is used with the different food items. It not only enhances the tastes but also makes the food rich with different nutrient contents. The different varieties of mustards available in the market are white mustard, Creole mustard, black mustard etc. each having a unique quality of its own. Black mustard has pungent smell whereas white mustard mixed with vinegar and sugar tastes sweet. Vinegar and wine is considered to be an important ingredient of the mustard. Pope XXII showed great liking for mustard and he was the first pope in the history of Vatican to appoint a mustard-maker for himself.

He appointed his nephew as the mustard-maker. Queen Victoria too had great liking for gourmet mustard and she made Jeremiah Colman as her mustard-maker. Jeremiah Carlon popularized the mustard and today also Carlon mustard is widely used across the globe. Vasco de-gama brought mustard to India. Mustards are used in several different ways. It can be used as a vegetable, can be used to prepare recipes and it can also be used to extract oil from it; Infact mustard oil in India is very popular.

Mustard seeds have wider applications today and for preparing different recipes using mustard seeds different procedures are adopted. Mustard seeds can either be completely crushed, or it can be partially crushed or it can be used as a wholegrain. These different varieties can be used differently in the preparation of different foodstuffs. Water and vinegar should be properly added to gourmet mustard. The whole stuff should be properly mixed in a bowl and kept at a proper temperature preferably at room temperature.

Vinegar is considered to be an important ingredient as it helps in preserving the taste and it also prevents the mustard recipes from getting spoiled. Mustard prepared cannot be used instantly; instead it should be used only after 2-4 weeks.

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