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If you've never made homemade salsa before, there are two good reasons to consider trying it this year. One, with the fall holidays coming up (which I'll bet includes at least one college or pro football game tailgating party that you'll either host or attend) serving you own homemade salsa is a great way to impress your friends and add a little life to the party as you explain how you came up with your Kick %$# Kick Off hot salsa recipe that would take the paint off anything it's spilt on.

But in addition to all the fame and glory you'll receive as your social circle's salsa master, the second best reason for making your own homemade salsa is that is will save you a boat load of money.

For example, if you went to the supermarket and purchased eight,15oz, jars of salsa (equal to about one gallon of salsa) it would cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of $25. Twenty-five dollars per gallon -- and you thought milk and gasoline were both expensive at around $3 per gallon! That alone was enough to make me start preparing and canning my own -- more on that topic in my next article.

Anyway, so now that the days are turning colder, and we're all spending more time indoors on the weekend, making a big batch of your own homemade salsa on a cold Sunday afternoon (perhaps while watching your favorite football team on TV) is a perfect way to save some money and have your salsa prepared in advance for your next party.

Now you're probably wondering, just how hard is it to make salsa? Well let me tell you, making a salsa from scratch is really quite easy. In fact, with the right salsa recipe and just a little preparation time, you can create a good homemade salsa that will be equal to, or better than, anything you can buy at the supermarket.

In addition, there are several things you can do so that the process of making your own homemade salsa will be as quick and effortless as possible. For example, using a food processor or a food chopper can cut down on the time it takes and is much less messy when you have to clean up. In fact, a really good video on how to make salsa using a food process can be seen here.

The best thing about making your own homemade salsa is that you can also add your own personality to your homemade recipes. For example, you can take a salsa recipe you find online and make slight tweaks here and there to suit your own taste. You could add more tomatoes or perhaps reduce the green peppers to create a milder version of your salsa. Alternatively, you can add other types of peppers such as jalapenos to give your salsa some extra kick. The choice is all yours.

Lastly, you can store your large batches of homemade salsa in a couple of ways. One way is to use the traditional canning method of preserving foods in glass jars without requiring refrigeration. Alternatively, if you have the space, you can keep your salsa in your freezer. After making a large batch of salsa, simply divide it into small containers and place them in the freezer.

Either way you choose to preserve it, by making large batches of homemade salsa in the fall and winter months when the days are cold and you're stuck in the house, you'll be able to save yourself some money and enjoy fresh-tasting salsa all year round!

The choice is yours but I highly recommend you try making your own homemade salsa at least once this year. You won't regret it.

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