Your Guide to Chocolate Fondue Fountains

Chocolate, there are many misconceptions about this wonderful food, today we're going to clear some of them up and we're also going to talk about the wonderful world of fondue. Chocolate is a product derived from cocoa, the final product has been linked to acne and several other diseases, the only problem is that most of these correlations are in fact erroneous. Recent studies have demonstrated that chocolate is not linked to skin conditions such as acne simply because it boosts the production of serotonin in the brain which is a chemical that makes people calm and stable, on the other hand stress is directly linked to skin conditions such as acne; if we link the dots together we can conclude that if chocolate has a relaxing effect it can effectively restrain acne outbreaks instead of causing them.

Now that we have dispelled a common myth about chocolate we can proceed to talk about this food and the wonderful world of chocolate fondue fountains.


This word is derived from the French "fondre" which means to melt and the past tense is fondu (melted). A very popular method to serve melted chocolate is by the use of fondue fountains, as you can imagine a fondue fountain will keep the chocolate warm with a heating device located at the base of the fountain and the liquid chocolate is pumped to the top and from there the chocolate lava cascades over the many tiers of the fountain.

The melted chocolate can be the perfect complement for fruits such as strawberries and can also be terrific with marshmallows. Chocolate fondue fountains have become very popular as centerpieces for events such as weddings, birthdays, office parties, corporate events, baby showers and such.

When buying a chocolate fondue fountain you will definitely want to know how often it will be used and the expected amount of servings it should make. Fondue fountains very in capacity, some will be able to handle 5 pounds of chocolate and others can go as high as 20 pounds, the number of servings can be extended almost indefinitely if melted chocolate is added throughout an event.

20 pounds of melted chocolate will be enough for 200 to 250 people. The size of the fountain may also vary according to the capacity, they go from 19 to 44 inches tall and you can also get bigger ones if you are planning a big event.

As you can imagine a fondue fountain can in fact melt chocolate but this process can take some time unless you're using a double boiler, the type of chocolate that you should use with these fountains should be a coverture chocolate with 33 to 44% of cocoa butter. When preparing the chocolate, make sure that no water gets into the chocolate because it will taint the final product.

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