Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate

The melting point of chocolate is

slightly below the body

temperature of the human being,

meaning it melts in your mouth;

this is part of the pleasure of

eating chocolate. The release of

serotonin in the brain has also

been linked to eating chocolate

and is thought to produce feelings

of pleasure. Heroin addicts have

been shown to an elevated liking

for chocolate; this may be due to

the fact that it triggers the

release of dopamine in the brains

reinforcement system. This is an

effect not unlike the one caused

by opium, even though it is legal.

Studies in recent years seem to

point to cocoa and dark chocolate

possessing certain benefits to

human health. A rich source of

flavonoids epicatechin and gallic

acid, is one of the advantages to

dark chocolate with it high cocoa

content, these flavonoids are

thought to provide

cardioprotective properties.

Cocoa has significant antioxidant

action, and research has shown

that eating antioxidant-rich foods

helps reduce damage to cells from

free radicals. Slowing down,

preventing or even reversing some

diseases that are caused from

cellular damage, (it may even have

the benefit of slowing the aging

process.) It protects against LDL

oxidation. (LDLs transport

cholesterol to arteries and high

levels of oxidation has been

associated with arteriosclerosis,

heart attack, stroke and

peripheral vascular disease.)

Modest reductions in blood

pressure and flow-mediated

dilation have been shown when

about 100g of dark chocolate is

eaten daily.

The Chocolate Diet was one of the

fad diets, emphasizing eating

chocolate and cocoa powder in

capsules. But consuming milk

chocolate or white chocolate, or

drinking milk with dark chocolate

seems to negate the benefits to

human health. As a calorie-rich

food high in fat content daily

consumption of chocolate requires

dieters to reduce calories in

other foods.

An increased risk of certain

cancers has been shown in several

population studies among those who

eat sweet junk foods like

chocolate, but eating

flavonoid-rich dark chocolate has

not been shown to affect the risk

of cancer one way of another.

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