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For those who just found out that they are diabetic or simply want to go low-carbohydrate in their diet the hardest things to give up are pasta and breads. As a few of my diabetic friends and relatives have said those foods are a main part of their diet. So that leads to finding sugar-free alternates that taste good. Being diabetic doesn’t mean that you have to give up on you favorite foods like pasta. There has been recent studies on soluble fiber to help in that dilemma. Soluble fiber has been shown to slow down digestion so therefore it allows for the slower absorption of glucose giving beneficial effects on those with diabetes. Soluble fiber also helps in weight loss because it prolongs the fullness feeling in digestion.

So companies that specialize in sugar-free foods to give people that have to be more aware of how much carbohydrates they consume more choices in food.

So companies that make sugar-free pasta have turned to using soluble fiber in their pasta took bring back pasta that diabetics miss.

Pasta is just one of many things that diabetics once again can enjoy now that more food producing companies are aware of the need and demand.

There are sugar-free peanut butters, jellies and whole host of other foods that are sugar-free and safe for diabetics to enjoy.

To go with your pasta for a start there is Walden Farms who have come up with a whole line of sauces like marina, fettuccine, barbecue sauces and ketchup that are sugar-free. So once again you can enjoy food with flavor.

Next on the list is breads that people miss.

Back in 2003, Holsum Bakery, Inc had added a new line to their breads, it is Aunt Hattie’s sugar-free and 100% whole grain wheat bread.

If you like to make your own baked goods then here is something that would be of interest to you, Carbquick. This product can be used in the same recipes as Bisquik but without 90% of the carbohydrates.

For those of you who are sensitive to the polyols there are some products which contain no sugar and have no sugar alcohols.

Carbsmart has a whole line of products that contain no sugar alcohols designed for those who have digestive problems when they consume products that contain sugar alcohols like maltitol. Another such line is Dixie Carb Counters.

As today’s society are getting more aware of the problems that a high carbohydrate diet can lead to. The demand for safe alternatives to favorite foods is growing.

As one can see not just the candy industry is trying to cut carbohydrates out for our loved ones that are on restricted diets. As well as for those who desire to go low-carbohydrate to prevent problems later.

And speaking of candy lets not forget the downfall of a lot of diabetics and other diet restricted people.

Yes, I am talking about CHOCOLATE!

Don’t worry though a lot of the candy companies that produce that particular sweet have you covered. The only problem it seems is choosing the chocolate that appeals to you or the diabetic chocoholic in your life.

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