Greek Pies-Understanding Greek Pie Recipes

Greek pies are a very popular Greek dish. There are countless of Greek pie recipes that have been developed over hundreds or even thousands of years of Greek culinary history.

Greek pies are very popular because they are very diverse. Their diversity stems from the fact that any ingredient can be used to make a Greek pie.

The one thing all Greek pie recipes have in common is the phyllo. The phyllo dough is what is used to cover the top and the bottom of the filling and give the pie shape. Even though ingredients for the filling vary from recipe to recipe the phyllo is a constant that remains the same.

Today there are two kinds of phyllo. The kind that can be prepared from scratch and the one that can be purchased ready and frozen from most grocery stores in the world. There are several phyllo making methods, easier and other which require a bit more effort.

Understanding that everyone's taste is somewhat different, every Greek pie recipe is structured in a way that leaves space for customization. There are many kinds of Greek pie recipes. Every recipe has its own unique taste and feel to it.

One of the most popular types of Greek pies is the cheese pie, known as the tiropita. Then the second most popular type of Greek pies is the one made with spinach, the spanakopita.

Cheese and spinach pies are the most popular Greek pies. However, there are several other great recipes in such as Vegetable and Meat pies. Vegetable and meat pies have not gained the international recognition both spinach and cheese pies have gained.

The reason is perhaps that these types of pies take a bit longer to prepare. These are the best kept secrets of pie making. All the recipes are absolutely delicious and after you make your first pie every recipe will be easy.

Regardless of what type of pie you choose to make you will need to know a few things about phyllo. Phyllo can be purchased ready from a grocery store or it can be made from scratch.

Home made phyllo is generally thicker than the store bought one and that can result in differences in taste. If you have never made a pie before I would suggest you try making one with store bought phyllo first.

After that you can try making your own phyllo. Every Greek pie recipe can include directions for preparing the phyllo. However each recipe requires its own particular phyllo.

One thing to keep in mind when working with store bought phyllo is that it's frozen. For best results let it thaw out naturally. Don't place the package in water, don't use a microwave just leave it overnight.

In conclusion, Greek pie recipes can be prepared in many ways. You can do so by using home made or even pre-frozen phyllo and both taste great.

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