Yummy Chocolate Cake Recipe

Resistance is futile! It is indeed hard to resist the sweet smell of chocolate cake, especially when the bouquet is linked with nice memories.

My mom is a very open person, and always willing to share. Not only is she always giving good advice, but she will teach you anything that she experienced. Whether it is cooking, sewing or advanced mathematics, she is always ready to give you the most efficient teaching lesson. There is one thing, however, that she guards jealously. It is her greatest secret, and she had promises that she will keep it until she the day she dies. And that is her chocolate cake recipe. So far, we tried everything to to get it from her.

This isn't some normal chocolate mix cake recipe. This is seriously gourmet. It isn't an easy chocolate cake recipe, either. Chocolate cake is usually very easy to cook, but hers demands all day and all night. She is plainly in there for 12 hours at a time, creating the perfect chocolate cake. But it is excellent. It is priceless. It is the most delicious cake that I have ever tasted. I could do anything to get that chocolate cake recipe.

The thing is, my mom isn't all that into chocolate in general. She never makes chocolate brownies. When she goes to a restaurant she won't even order a chocolate brownie. But that chocolate cake recipe is her preferred thing in her life. She cooks it every holiday, and every time we ask for more. Nobody ever gets sick of it. Even my cousins, strict vegetarians who will only consume vegan chocolate cake recipes normally, will make an exception for her yummy chocolate cake. It really is that good.

The very sad part is that, since I first tasted that chocolate cake, I can't eat any other kind of chocolate desert. Even the best German chocolate cake recipe leaves me unsatisfied. And of course one of the reason is that my dear mother made it. It is hard to resist because she spends so much time on it, and clearly wants us to like it so much. I don't know if I would like it quite as much if it weren't she that made it, but even so I would like it still. She has, after all, won several cookingcompetitions with her chocolate cake recipe. She has only participated a handful of times, but every time she has entered the same recipe, and every time she has won. I have tried sneaking into the kitchen, but it was no use. She simply refused to go on cooking until I left. I hope one day she will share the recipe with us.

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