Wedding Chocolate Cake

Your wedding is going to be one of the best days of your life and it should be memorable for everyone. Why not make it extra special with an amazing caterer that will go beyond everyone else. Go ahead and get an ultra special favor, place card, save the date cards or anything you desire, all personalized for your wedding. The best thing is they all can be done out of chocolate! Not only that but you place an image of your choice on a candy bar, on a cookie or lollipop and they will be 100 percent edible.
I recently went to a wedding where the cake, the placecard, the date cards, all were made out of chocolates and looked so special. Everything was crafted with the utmost care and attention and not only that, everything seemed to be made with love.
The provider for the wedding was Chocolate Dreams & Wishes, a PA based chocolate firm that personalizes in making delicious tasting chocolate especially for weddings. They even make chocolates with edible images. These would make amazing favors for the guests. No, these aren’t keepsakes; though I’m not sure how long one would keep them for long as they taste so amazing.
What about having some personalized chocolate lollipops for your wedding? You can put the picture of your choice along with your wedding date or any message that you wish. Put them in a beautiful gift bag, so not only they look great but taste spectacular!
Why not add something different to your wedding and have chocolate place cards for your guests. They are 100 percent edible and they are not only the sweetest thing to look at, they are also the sweetest thing to taste! Plus you are saving money since the place cards act as the favor too. You can even put the guest’s names and table numbers on each card.
For the people who love Oreos and I know there are a lot of you, you can also make special photo chocolate covered Oreos. They can be put in a gorgeous gift box and they are a delight to eat. If you want to give someone that extra special gift at your wedding, then you can do individual chocolate covered Oreos with a photo and personalization.
You don’t have to just use these special chocolates for your actual wedding day. Why not use them for a bridal shower or maybe even a bachelorette or bachelor party. Your limits are endless.
If you and your guests want truly delicious and edible treats for any special occasion then chocolate is the way to go. You could even announce your engagement on r special chocolate gifts. It doesn’t matter if you have guests that prefer white chocolate to dark, or maybe they are a milk chocolate lover. You can cater for all needs and offer special low carb and low calorie chocolate in milk and dark.
You may wonder how much all of this is going to cost you! Well there is no need to worry, there are lots of places that offer all the above at low prices so everyone is able to enjoy the great taste and flavor of chocolate.

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Ken Bonine is the co-owner of Chocolate Dreams & Wishes, LLC - located in Pittsburgh, Pa. We think you will be pleasantly surprised at the amazing taste of our chocolate as well as the price. Give us a call and let us help you make your wedding gifts a little more exciting. For all your wedding cakes and chocolate cravings , do contact visit our site.