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In the world of desserts, baking and food in general, there is nothing quite like the recipe for cheesecake. I am speaking here of the recipe for baked cheesecake, not any of the refrigerated or "no-bake" versions. Nowhere else does the home cook find the peculiar combination of sweetness, smooth texture, velvety mouth feel and overall sweet perfection. The spring form pan can give birth to wonders, if the cook is even moderately skilled and the ingredients are of proper quality.
Think about the other main types of desserts. Now there's a thought project we can all get behind, right?

How about pudding? It's certainly got that creamy texture, right? It's sweet (often overly so) and has, depending on what kind you make or buy has a very rich flavor. One of my favorite snacks in the world is a cup of creamy pistachio pudding. I'll confess to buying the boxed mix. However, it just doesn't compare to a slice of cheesecake. The mouth feel is not nearly as satisfying and the subtler flavors are lost under the blanket of flavorings.

How about cake? Certainly cake can have an amazing array of subtle flavors. A slice of well-made carrot cake, for example, will have the sweetness of the carrots along with hints of any number of spices and undertones. But it still doesn't match cheesecake when it comes to that take-your-breath-away richness that makes you roll your eyes and sink back in your chair, savoring that first luscious bite.

What else can we compare? How about pie? Well, let's stick to a cream pie, as that form is the closest to our cheesecake. Maybe a chess pie, that marvel of smoothness and buttermilk flavors. Perhaps here we approach most closely to the land of cheesecake. But the egg texture of the chess pie just misses, and have you ever seen a chess pie rise to the dizzying heights a cheesecake can scale?

Nope, there's just something about the recipe for cheesecake that brings for a sweet like no other. Everyone should have one in his or her recipe box.

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