Jewelry-inspired Candybox Cakes.

I love making Candy Box Cakes! Each one lovingly created for the people in my life. My first was a red-fondant onefilled with hand-made brandy truffles, was made for a friend's wedding night! The cake itself was chocolate peanut-butter fudge flavoured. I tried to pipe rosettes with royal icing around the edges but it came out as little blobs which looked alright, so I finished it with silver dragees to complete the look.

The next one was an experimental cake. It was a chocolate fudge cake, with chocolate fudge filling. I covered the sides with dark chocolate fondant (first attempt; invoked all known and unknown divinities!). The top, was covered in white-chocolate fondant and filled with Chivas Regal-flavoured truffles. The edges were lined with gold and silver dragees. Opulent? Well, I made it for my brother's birthday, so I wanted something special and masculine.

How about one that had my hands looking bruised for a week! Kneading the the colours into the fondant, to get the exact shade of blue, took ages! Real muscle work. Really got those triceps and biceps going. Made this chocolate (again!) fudge cake for my uncle's birthday, hence the more masculine colour scheme. The fillers this time were my first attempt at making liqueur chocolates. They were ok but tasted best when eaten soon after making. Great excuse to polish them off ASAP!

I have also done orange marmalade flavoured cakes. The colours were chosen as a complement to the flavour! I covered it in butter-yellow fondant and this time, my royal icing came out right! I managed to pipe rosettes around the edges which I then decorated with the dragees. The fillers were citrus-flavoured, white chocolate truffles to complement the flavour of the cake. To finish, I used beautiful yellow roses to decorate this cake. They were made by my 11 year old daughter, using yellow fondant.

I tried something different with this cake. Taking fondant in two contrasting colours, I cut it into strips which I wove to resemble a basket weave pattern. This time I played around with coloured dragees. The fillers were hand-made rum truffles, standard issue! The base was an almond-flavoured cake this time, a bit of a departure from the routine chocolate fudge cake.

Another basket-weave patterned cake. Made it for a friend who used it for her son's birthday, which was on the next day. Again an almond-flavoured cake. I made chocolate-covered marzipan sweets for the fillers. But found it a little too sweet. This is a picture of the cake without fillers as it gives some idea of what the cake itself looks like. I guess lettering can be iced in the center instead of filling it up with truffles or chocolates.....

I had such fun decorating this castle cake! Made it for my daughter's 11th birthday. I found this castle cake in Carol Deacon's "Party Cakes", a wonderful and 'friendly', cake-decorating book and changed the design alittle, to what my daughter would like. Following the clear and easy instructions in this book, I first covered the main cake in fondant. For the towers, I used gum paste which I rolled out, molded around cardboard tubes and then left them to dry overnight. Stuck all the towers to and on top of the cake using royal icing.

I piped the trellis using green royal icing and stuck on sugar flowers and dragees of different colours. The grass was green-coloured dessicated coconut and the pathway, coloured sugar.

I hope you find these descriptions interesting. Please write in and let me know what you think. I would love to hear any ideas, comments, enquiries you might have. Looking forward to hearing from you........Raadhika.

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