How to Know When A Cake Is Cooked

Does it feel like there’s just too much to learn, when it comes to mastering cake baking? Does it frustrate you when they skip over the important bits on cooking shows, like showing you how to prepare a cake tin, or test a partly-cooked cake? Well, it annoys me too! You know why? Because it is actually SO SIMPLE! These things also distinguish an average cake baker from an expert cake baker, and it is these little tips and strategies that will determine how confident you are when it comes to making cakes!

It is really easy to know when a cake is cooked to perfection, how to line a baking tin so the cake doesn’t burn, or how to carefully remove it from the tin so it doesn’t get damaged. These tips ensure your cakes turn out perfectly each and every time, and that they are always delicious and moist.

While you’re there, you’ll also discover some awesome cake recipes to suit any occasion! Go on, no one wants to miss out on delicious baking of yummy cakes!

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