How to Choose a Wedding Cake Topper

Integrating a wedding cake topper into your cake design is a fun way to complete your wedding decor theme. A high quality and stylish wedding cake topper or cake jewelry incorporated into the design of your cake at the hands of a master pastry chef creates a centerpiece for your wedding reception that is sure to gather a crowd.

A wedding cake topper is more than a decoration. It's a keepsake. It's a memento to remind you of the incredible day when you married your best friend. If you choose, it can sit on a mantle or shelf as a subtle (or not so subtle) reminder to you and your husband of the love and memories from your wedding day.

Modern Cake Toppers Should Be Made of High Quality Materials

Because cake tops are no longer just decorations for the day, most modern wedding cake toppers are made of crystal, porcelain, metal, glass, or acrylic for maximum life, and maximum beauty. More, today many of the most trendy and elegant cake toppers are studded with genuine Swarovski crystals that will pickup and reflect every light in the room and add extra brilliance to your cake cutting pictures.

How to Choose Your Wedding Cake Topper

Your choice of a wedding cake topper is a personal one. At the same time, however, it is an artistic choice as well. It's like choosing curtains to match your furniture in your receiving room. If you choose well your wedding cake will come alive with the theme that you've chosen.

Begin the process of buying wedding cake toppers by considering your overall wedding decor theme. Both your cake and topper should fit into that theme and they should do it in a way that compliments the other since they will often be in direct contact with each other. Thus, if you are having a fairytale themed wedding begin with the fairytale wedding cake toppers category. If your big day is centered on your ethnic or religious heritage begin in those categories.

Make Your Wedding Cake Design and Wedding Cake Topper Choices Together

Not every cake topper will fit on every cake. This is true both physically and stylistically. This obstacle is easily overcome if you approach your cake and topper decision as the integrated choice they are. Talk to your pastry chef about your choices of cake toppers, bringing pictures and dimensions if at all possible. If you have chosen your pastry chef well, their experience and natural artistic flair will be a real asset to you. They might even know of an option that you had not considered. So involve your pastry chef in your wedding cake topper decisions. The payoff will be in the memories you create.

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