Fourth Of July Towel Cakes

Everyone loves the Fourth of July. It’s the day when the whole family and extended family members get together to play. From cooking on the grill to the fireworks show at night, parties and picnics are abundant and leave lasting that rekindle the joys of summer.

Make a Diaper Cake Biz is famous for making "diaper cakes" from baby blankets and diapers. But at this time of year, it’s fun to get creative and make spectacular 4th of July cakes. Any party will be a sure hit when a beach towel theme related to the 4th of July or solid colors like red, white and blue.

Here’s how to create your 4th of July Cake that’s perfect for kids and adults too:

Supplies You’ll Need:
• Ribbon, or plastic wide ribbon they sell at dollars stores for outside decorating.
• Towel
• Shred
• Party Poppers
• Glow Sticks
• Sparklers
• Candy
• Snakes
• Cups Or Mugs ( Related to 4th of July)

These are just some suggestions. Use your imagination and create a fun filled Fourth Of July Cake.

Now follow these steps:

1. To start, fold the towel and shape it into a cake and then pin. To make your cake more stable, take some poster board and cut it the height of the cake. Make the poster board into a round circle and insert into cake center.

2. If you wish you could take more hand towels, cloth napkins, and roll them to fit inside your towel cake. In using cloth napkins you can then find napkin rings and use those to decorate the outside of your creation as well.

3. Fill center with shred. Pack this down well and take the ribbon and run it around the outside of cake, pin or glue ends in the back of cake.

4. Now the fun part. Take your other ribbon, the one with the blue stars and cut them into squares about 6 by 6 inches. Fan them and then wrap ribbon around the center. Pull tight and tie. Glue these onto the outside of cake.

5. To arrange items in your cake, make little holes in shred and began to insert items starting with heavy items in back of cake. Take out some glow sticks and stand them up like candles. Do the same with sparklers. Put poppers in front laying them down, and just fill in empty spaces with whatever else you have be it candy, cups and so on. Think about what your family and friends enjoy and include those.

That’s it. A perfect 4th of July cake can now be made for your family and friends.

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