Description Of Delicious Crab Cake

Many restaurants serving crab-cakes will make the offer either to fry the cake or to broil them. In these times of health consciousness, those which are broiled are lower in fat and healthier to eat. They are lower in fat because they aren't doused in oil.
While the crab meat for a crab cake can be taken from any species of crab, the meat of the blue crab is traditionally used. The blue crab is the traditional choice because its native habitat includes the area surrounding the Chesapeake Bay. The blue crab is native to the western Atlantic Ocean as well as the Gulf of Mexico. It is so prevalent in the Chesapeake Bay region that it is the official Maryland State Crustacean.
Along the west coast of the United States, crab cakes are typically made with Dungeness Crab as it is native to the region. Dungeness crab flesh has a more delicate flavor which is considered sweeter than the flesh of other crabs.
Crab cakes come in a variety of sizes. They can be about the size of a cookie to as large as a hamburger. When served, they typically come with some sort of sauce, generally a remoulade or tartar sauce. Sometimes they come with ketchup.
Crab cakes are a popular food all along the coast of the Mid-Atlantic states. They are also common along the Gulf Coast, in the Pacific Northwest, and along the Northern California coast. These are all locations where the crabbing industry thrives

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