Cutting Cheescake - There Is a Perfection to it

When buying a cheesecake one tries to cut the cheesecake and wonders if there are tips or tricks to doing it, well there are. There is a perfect easy way to cut your cheescake, it is simple to do, just follow the guidelines I set out.

The step by step plan to cutting cheescake:

1. One trick to cutting a cheesecake neatly is keeping the knife clean and smooth. To do this, fill a tall container with hot tap water deep enough to cover the blade of your knife. If no container is available, hold the knife under hot tap water. Dip the knife into the hot water, then wipe it on a clean towel before making every cut. The constant dipping and cleaning will prevent chunks of cake from the previous slice from depositing on top of the next slice. Some people prefer to cut cheesecake using cheese wire or dental floss, these cutting tools will also work very well.

2. Depending on the size of your cake, you may choose to cut it into 12 or 16 slices. If cutting the cake into 12 even slices, begin by cutting the cake into quarters, then cut each quarter into thirds.

3.  To yield 16 slices, cut the cake into quarters, cut each quarter in half, and each half into a half. Depending on how long the knife you will use is, the first slice made should either be cutting the cake completely in half, (or if the knife is not long enough) by placing the knife's point at the center of the cake.

4. To simplify removal of the cake slices, run a knife or spatula along the bottom of the cake between the crust and the pan before lifting the first slice upward, outward and onto a serving plate.

5. If serving a plain cheesecake, you may want to garnish the slices individually. Chocolate sauces or berry purees are always popular. We placed a small amount of sour cream underneath the cake, and a dollop of strawberry preserves on top. The sweet jam and the sour cream make a delicious blend with the cheesecake. Raspberry White Chocolate Sauce or even a Lemon or Orange filling make wonderful cheesecake toppings!

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