Popular Types of Baked Breads

Pan Fino - This is soft, sugary and delicate bread and one of the most popular types of bread from Mexican bakery. The Pan Fino is well known for its unmistakable cinnamon flavor. Although, Pan Fino is made by hand, and its shape is also given by hand, but it comes in several shapes, sizes and flavors. You can find several variants of Pan Fino with different fruit fillings and decorated by frosting.

Danes - Also known as Wienerbrod (Viena'a bread) is well known throughout the world. This bread is originated in Australia but popular all around the world due to its sweetness and mild taste. The base ingredients are sweet dough and butter. Butter is used for lamination of bread. You can find several varieties of Danes differing in taste, shape and fillings making it a versatile product.

Feite - A traditional sugary bread of French origin made of alternating layers of dough and butter. When baked, vapor trapped in between the layers of butter produces a physical separation from the dough, fluffing the product and offering an exquisite buttery and delicate flavor. A great variety of fillings, glazes and/or decorations add to the character of this product.

Polvorones - Differing from the products with yeast, the Polvoron does not raise itself before baking that takes place during baking, expanding and taking the shape and size in accordance to the weight of the portion. The flavors and colors of the Polvoron are diverse among the favorites are pink, chocolate, white, and the Trebol (clover) which combines all colors in one product.

Pan de Huevo - This bread is made with a base of egg and yeast producing homogeneous and spongy dough covered with a Raspberry topping. It is then rolled taking the form of a "wrapped child" and then covered with a raspberry topping and powdered with coconut. It is very popular for its soft texture and sweetness.

Puerquitos - This piglet shaped bread is funny and traditional product of Mexican bakery. This bread is made with help of a special cookie-cutter in piglet shape. During the cutting process a layer of dough is made with combination of refined wheat flour with large amounts of milk, sugar, and molasses. These ingredients provide the shape and color to this soft and tasty bread.

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