Popular Types of Baked Bread

Bread is an essential part of our meals. We all love breads due to its nutritious and easy to digest nature. There are different variants of bread. Wheat is essential ingredient of bread, but its other ingredients like fruit extracts, chocolates or cream that defines the variety of breads. People from all over the world eat breads. Some prefers home made simple breads, whereas some people prefer eating breads made by popular bakeries. Baking bread is not as difficult as many people think. But making delicious breads like Mexican bakeries you need extra expertise. Mexican bakeries are very much popular due to the variations in types and taste of breads.

Some most popular examples of breads from Mexican bakeries are as follows:

Conchas – Conchas are the most traditional products of Mexican bakeries in breads segment. It is a most popular and easily visible type of bread found on the family table for breakfast and even dinner. Conchas are made in different colors like chocolate, pink, white and yellow. It is prepared from dough rich in sugars, butter and eggs, which results in unique taste and soft texture. It is formed by hand then covered with a sweet paste made of different flavors, using a mold to mark the figure of a shell.

Bolillos - The Bolillo is probably the most popular and recognizable bread made by Mexican bakeries. It is basically a French-roll cut with a knife. Bolillo, popularly called as "Pan De Labranza" is the only bread produced by Mexican bakers was the Bolillo for thousands of years. The Bolillo is baked directly on the hot floor of the oven, producing a thick and crunchy crust. At baking time the Bolillo is required to be placed uniformly in the oven allowing the heat and vapor to circulate freely.

Empanadas – This is an example of traditional breads being eaten in many countries. This product is characterized by the filling made up of a large variety of fruits and is distinguished for its flavor of lightly sweetened dough. The original shape is made by hand, giving the edges a curly trim.

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