How To Make A Pastrami Sandwich

Pastrami sandwiches are of many types and ingredients. It is exclusively known as the beef dish in the Jewish and the American regions. Where as in the Romanian tradition, sheep meat was used and over time, pork became the prevalent choice. The Romanians have different specifications with the kinds of pastrami.

It is mostly served as cold cut sandwich, but depending upon individual’s choice and preference it can be also heated. One example of this kind of pastrami is the fried pastrami, with corn mamaliga and green onions. As with corned beef, the pastrami was created as a method for preserving meat from spoilage. This was the period when the modern refrigerators were not present. Now this technique is not necessary, but traditional pastrami sandwich lovers still go for this style of preparation.

In New York, the traditional sandwich is prepared from the navel end of the brisket. It is because the amount of fat is considerably high in this section than that of the chest area. The pastrami is first cured in brine like corned beef, and then it is coated with mixture of spices. The pastrami is usually served after heating it, in a rye bread sandwich along with Russian dressings sometimes. Nowadays old-fashioned Jewish delicatessens are rarely found, thus making it difficult to obtain an authentic pastrami sandwich.

The Turkey pastrami sandwich is made by processing the ground turkey similarly fashioned like red meat pastrami. However, the texture and the flavor found in this style are different from the red meat pastramis. One of the best recipes used for preparing the pastrami sandwiches are as below. The ingredients mentioned are for only one serving.

So when it is required to be made for number of people, then increase the proportion accordingly.
* 6 ounces of nicely sliced pastrami
* 2 tablespoons of whole-grain mustard
* 4 ounces of beer
* 3 slices onion in which its rings are intact
* 1 tablespoon oil
* Salt and pepper for taste

Two slices of thick crusty brown bread or rye bread will be enough. Initially preheat the grill or the frying pan, whatever is available. Spice-up the onions using salt, pepper, and brush with oil. After seasoning it with the ingredients mentioned, combine the beer and the mustard. It can be done in a small saucepan and then brought in a bowl. Now add pastrami and cook it for three minutes. Grill onions on both sides and toast bread on the part of the grill that is cooler. When all the ingredients are properly heated, the sandwich can be prepared by placing the pastrami in the sandwiches. Thus, it can be served either hot or cold.

The other way to make the pastrami sandwiches are by considering the following ingredients

* 2 deli top quality crusty buns
* Mayonnaise and Beef Pastrami deli slices
* thinly sliced Red onions and Dijon mustard
* thinly sliced Kosher dill pickles
* Leafy green lettuce

It is easily done by cutting the buns in two halves by spreading one side with mustard and the other by mayonnaise. Build up the sandwich with several slices of pastrami, and all the above-mentioned ingredients and serve it.

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