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The secret is to buy a cheap bread machine that is right for you. Before you buy, you should think carefully about what it is you want. We all want delicious home-made bread, but what other requirements do you have? Do you want to bake small or large loaves, is a delay timer needed and do you want a good express bake feature? Here are some good low cost bread makers that offer great value for money.

Buying a cheap bread machine doesn't mean having to settle for second best. Today's models come with enough features to make perfectly delicious bread exactly how you want it. Only serious home bakers who would use one every day and would want to fine-tune the bake cycles would find their functionality limiting. But, most of us aren't in that league, and a good, no fuss but reliable breadmaker is what we require.

Here are three low cost bread machines that are highly rated. Each offers slightly different features and functionality. If you're on a budget or can't justify spending too much on a bread maker, then one of these machines will suffice.

The Toastmaster TBR15 bread machine retails for around $40. Its design is a basic, white plastic box with a large viewing window and easy to use control panel. It bakes a maximum loaf size of 1.5lbs, which will satisfy all but the large family. Its footprint is one of the smallest on the market, measuring 13"h x 13"w x 11.75"d. The TBR15 comes with 8 bake cycles; basic, whole wheat, French, Sweet, Fast Bake, Quick Bread, dough and bake. The difference between the Fast Bake and Quick Bread is that the Fast Bake just bakes and takes 60 minutes, whereas the Quick Bread both mixes and bakes and takes 80 minutes. There's also an audible signal to let you know when to add further ingredients like fruit and nuts.

The Sunbeam 5891 bread machine has more features than the Toastmaster but costs the same. There are 12 bake cycles, including a jam cycle. It is larger than the Toastmaster TBR15 but it can bake both 1.5 and 2lb loaves. It also bakes bread from start to finish in one hour. The machine is white plastic (like the TBR15) but its general styling is more appealing and looks quite attractive on the kitchen counter.

It's difficult to say which is the best out of the two, but because it offers more bake cycles and because it's overall styling is better, the Sunbeam bread machine is the one to go for.

If you can afford an extra $25 you should take a look at the Oster 5838 ExpressBake bread machine. This is a nicer appliance than both the Sunbeam and Toastmaster. First off, it's gently rounded corners and oval shape makes this a stylish appliance. But its good points don't stop at its looks; it also delivers some nice features. The Oster 5838 comes with 8 bake cycles with three crust options; light, medium and dark. As its name suggests its biggest selling point is baking delicious bread from start to finish fast - in just 1 hour. It makes a maximum loaf size of 2lbs. Other features include a 13 hour delay timer and a 60 minute keep warm function after the loaf has been baked.

All of the above machines represent real value for money. Out of the two $40 models, the Sunbeam 5891 bread machine has just enough to make it the winner, but at $65 the Oster is the best cheap bread machine of the three.

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