Bread - Essential Piece of our Daily Meals

Breads are baked food prepared by bakers after baking dough of flour and water. Humans are eating different kinds of breads since long time. There are various classifications of bread and the process of making them is also different. However, one thing is universally true that Breads have become an integral part of meals all over the world.


Wheat flour and water are two essential ingredients for making breads. Salt, fat and a leavening agent are common ingredients, whereas different variants of breads may also contain other ingredients like milk, spices, vegetables, nuts, eggs, sugar, or seeds to enhance the taste of bread. Edible colors and essence are also used to make breads good looking and scented.

Modern Day Bakery vs. Old Bakeries

During ancient time people used to bake various types of bread. They were aware with the art of leavening too. But equipments used by people that time were not as good as current days. These days, modern day bakeries use latest equipments like electric ovens, insulated heaters with automatic temperature controls as well as various leavening agents. Modern bakers use various scientific methods for leavening of dough.

Normally, breads are classified as white bread and brown bread according to their color. Breads made of refined flour are white in color so they are called white bread, and breads made of normal flour are brown in color and called brown bread. According to the tradition of taste people mix different things in dough to produce breads of different taste and color.

Different kinds of breads are a part of our daily life. We eat them depending upon our taste and bread's hygiene in view. The popularity of breads varies according to the geographical reason. The baking process and ingredients used in making breads also varies according to the region. Even several breads are named by location like Mexican bread, Mexican empanadas, Spanish bread, Mexican sweet breads, Mexican bolillo bread, and Mexican sweet bread conchas are a few popular names loved by people worldwide.

Mexico, Spain and Germany are the largest and most popular for making various kinds of breads. Although England, United States and Philippines also produces breads. They are called by various names in different parts of world. Germany has the largest number of varieties of breads.

Baking is an art of making different kind or breads, cake, biscuits and other bakery products. Baking is very sensitive work, which needs a lot of expertise and knowledge of different hygienic and scientific principles.

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