Sweeten Your Wedding Day

Everyone wants to make their wedding day totally unique and special assuring it will be memorable not only to the couples, also to the parents, to the groomsmen, to the bridesmaid, to the guests and to everyone that will be present on the event. Today, it’s your time to make this happen make your wedding the best among the rest!

Traditionally, wedding days are filled with flowers and laces, yes, that could still work but where’s the uniqueness and "one of a kind" concept that you are looking for? Instead of settling to the use of flowers and laces, why not try chocolates and sweets? They will not just serve as an adornment but they will be a truly delightful treat for your guests. Here at Chocolates Dreams and Wishes, you could find all the chocolate wedding favors that you need. Our full selection of chocolate wedding favors includes photo cookie wedding favors, personalized chocolate lollipops, chocolate wine bottles, chocolate candy bar, chocolate covered oreos, chocolate place cards, edible chocolate menus, chocolate greeting cards and groomsmen chocolate gift card. Each of these wedding favors could take significant part in making your special day filled with sweetness.

Wedding give-away such as figurines, mugs, and candles are usually set aside after the wedding. They are usually put on the shelves until they get dusty and old. For your wedding give-away, we suggest that you choose from photo cookie wedding favors, personalized chocolate lollipops, chocolate wine bottles, chocolate greeting cards, chocolate candy bar and chocolate covered oreos. These little somethings that are made from crunchy chocolate cookies, luscious chocolate coverings and designed with you and your partner’s photo and note will definitely retain memories on your guests, making them ponder how the special the celebration has been. By every bite that they take while looking on the picture clips, they will be fascinated by the love and the feelings that you and your partner are treasuring. These chocolate wedding favors could still be personalized further by sprinkling additional colors to match your wedding theme and make it look more attractive.

On the reception area, chocolate place cards and edible chocolate menus could add beauty and elegance on every table. The chocolate place cards could be used to indicate the seats for your guests and the edible chocolate menus could show the list of all the food available to be served. Just like the chocolate wedding favors they are designed uniquely to create impression and good thought on the event.

Aside from the guests, there are other persons like the groomsmen that played an important role in the event that should be given appreciation. To acknowledge their presence and participation, they deserve to be given Groomsmen Chocolate Card that bears their names and your personal note or poem. They will be totally surprised by this and surely they will never ignore this gift.

All of our wedding favors could be made from milk, dark and white chocolate depending on your preference. We could even enhance their designs and add some decorations to satisfy your idea on how it should look.

With us, all your wedding dreams and wishes will come true. You will be proud to show these wedding favors to your guests because they come wrapped in high luster cello bags that could completely keep quality and freshness. They are all set and prepared for your wedding day to ensure no hassles and inconveniences would occur. We want to make sure we could sweeten up your special day!

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