Goldilocks Bakery

Goldilocks bakery started in a one door apartment in Pasong Tamo, Makati. The founders of Goldilocks bakery wanted to produce high quality products at affordable prices. Since then, Goldilocks bakery has been a branch that was known by every single Filipino that even kids know of Goldilocks bakery. When you talk about cakes, Goldilocks bakery would immediately come to your mind. People have grown up to eating Goldilocks bakery cakes during birthdays and other occasions.

Goldilocks bakery has a variety of products to offer, from empanadas, which are the people’s favorite for meriendas, to mamons, which are the favorite take home gifts for kids. Name any occasion and Goldilocks bakery has the perfect product for it. Goldilocks not only specialize in cakes and breads, they also sell a pastas and popcorns. Goldilocks bakery has been so popular that you can a store in almost every corner you look at.

Now, Goldilocks bakery has become a billion peso earning conglomerate. And to add up to it, Goldilocks bakery has now expanded the horizon by offering delicious new dishes, party arrangements and take home or pasalubong packages. And as the phrase goes: "Sweet memories are made with Goldilocks cakes."

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