Five Reasons To Give Gourmet Brownie Gifts

There are very few people that don’t like rich, gooey, fudgey brownies. These wonderful treats are the perfect cross between cake, fudge and cookie – the best of all three rolled into one delicious dessert treat. It’s one of the many reasons that gourmet brownies have become a popular gift item for occasions ranging from birthdays to holidays and everything in between.

1. Gourmet brownies come in so many flavors. There’s a chocolate brownie for just about everyone. You don’t have to stick with just chocolate – try Amaretto, Cherry Chocolate or Macadamia Nut…there are added flavors to suit everyone. An assortment means that the gift recipient can try several.

2. Chocolate and romance go together. But giving brownies instead of traditional chocolates is original! Why give her the same box of chocolates she gets every year when chewy, gooey gourmet brownies are so much more personal? Something about brownies is just homier and tells her you put some thought into the gift.

3. Gourmet brownies are homemade taste without the work and the mess. Who has time to bake these days? Most of us are so busy running errands, going to work, taking care of the kids and trying to keep up with family and friends that we can barely breathe. Brownies give us a bit of old-fashioned flavor without having to spend hours in the kitchen mixing, baking and cleaning up. Just grab a cup of coffee, put up your feet and sink your teeth into a mouth-watering delight.

4. Brownies are always appropriate. When you want to say "Thank you," to your boss or congratulate a co-worker, it can be hard to find the appropriate gesture. Flowers just don’t seem right for men, and can be misinterpreted by women. What to do? Send gourmet brownies! More "grown up" than a box of cookies, gourmet brownies are just the right gift for co-workers, clients and superiors.

5. Brownies are the ultimate comfort food. There’s something reassuring and soothing about a food you’ve loved since childhood. The combination of sweet, chocolate and the soft, chewy texture all combine to evoke memories of being loved and cared for – remember those brownies Mom used to bake? Now you can order gourmet brownies online and send them to everyone who needs a bit of comfort, including:

• Your daughter at college – brownies delivered during finals week will be a great way to tell her that you’re thinking of her. And brownies stay fresher longer than cookies, which can get hard too quickly.

• Your grandfather who’s in a nursing home – he’ll love getting a care package to share with friends. They’ll be impressed by your delicious and thoughtful gift.

• Your brother, who’s in the army. Tell him to hide his box of brownies before his C.O. gets a hold of them! Army food just isn’t as good as freshly baked brownies.

• Yourself – because no one deserves a bit of gourmet pampering more than you!

Sit down and make a list of everyone you know that likes brownies. You’ll be amazed at how many people you come up with; keep that in mind the next time you’re searching for that "just right" gift for them. Gourmet brownies – the yummy gift for every occasion!

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