Baking With Kids

Kids just LOVE baking. They love spending time with you in the kitchen, and they love getting their hands dirty. They love helping you out, but most of all they LOVE eating delicious, colorful, sweet and tasty cakes! And this is one of the most fun and rewarding activities you can do with them. You can teach them how to make home-cooked, wholesome food, free from preservatives or additives or trans-fats. You can show them how to decorate and present cakes as a special treat to the people they love, and this teaches them the importance of generosity and giving. Finally, if you child has special dietary needs or food allergies, you can easily change recipes to make them safe and suitable for them! You’ll discover that making cakes together is fun, enjoyable and rewarding for all concerned!
The best sort of baking to do with your kids is the fun, simple, easy kind. You want recipes that aren’t too fiddly or difficult, but that still look great as finished cakes. You want your kids to feel rewarded for their effort, so you need some recipes that produce cakes that are easy to decorate in lots of fun, different ways. You want cakes that don’t take too long to make, because kids will get bored or restless after a while. You also want a recipe that doesn’t involve boiling or shredding or blending anything... because these things can be dangerous when kids are trying to ‘help’.
What you need are easy mix-in-a-bowl cakes, which don’t need mix-masters or blenders or whipping or creaming. You need a simple add-and-stir approach, so kids can get involve and have a taste of their yummy mixture. And these tasty, simple, easy to bake cakerecipes can all be found right here:
I’ve tried out a bunch of these recipes with my kids, and they love them! We have so much fun, we make fresh and simple cakes that look amazing, and take great joy in treating all the family! Go on, enjoy this for yourself, and have fun spending time with your kids! They’ll love to help make the cake for their next birthday party! Remember, families that play together stay together, and fun cooperative activities like baking cement family relationships and build trust and love! So invest in your kids, and discover the fun of baking together!

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