Baking - Past and Present

Baking is an art of making different kind or breads, cake, biscuits and other bakery products. The place where these products are baked is known as a Bakery. Bakery products are an integral part of our daily life. Right from morning breakfast to dinner we use bakery products everyday. These days there are various additions in the product count of bakery products. Pizza, burgers, and patties have also taken place into hot items of these bakeries.

History of Baking

The history of baking is very old. According to the sources the art of baking was developed by ancient Egyptians between 2600-1200 BC. They learnt skills of baking from Babylonians. During that time bakers used to make breads and cakes for eating as well as breads and cakes of various shapes (like animals) were used for sacrifices. The art of Baking was also popular in Roman Empire and there are proofs of existence of bakeries in Europe too during Middle age. Under The Roman Empire the baking was a highly respected profession.

Baking in Modern Age

These days' bakery products are in great demand, as people want to spend less time cooking for them. They rather like to spend time in working so that they can earn some extra bucks. So, they rely on different kinds of bakery products like readymade breads, slices, pizza and patties which make most of their meals. Even kids love to have various bakery products in their lunch.

Modern day baking is mostly dependent on machines. Now bakers only control the machine operations, rest all work and labor is done by automated machines. These high-tech machines have made the baking process easier, efficient, and they produce products with more quality.

Baking is very sensitive work, which needs a lot of expertise and knowledge of different hygienic and scientific principles. At the same time a perfect bakers has to understand the taste nerves of people and the traditions of that particular region of operation. Without knowing the likes and dislikes of different people, one cannot be a perfect baker. That is the reason baking is called an art, it's not an easy work, but people who love baking loves their professions. It's really a pleasant experience to bake various kinds of mouth watering bakery products for people and get appreciation.

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