Why Steak Diane Is Costly

Among the very rapid and tasty ways of cooking beef, steak Diane occupies one top place; it is usually served in restaurants, sometimes being cooked directly in front of the customers to prove the skill of the chef. Made of the finest tenderloin pieces known as filet mignon, steak Diane is not a cheap dish at all. The explanation for the costs lies in the high quality of what it is considered as the tenderest kind of beef on the market; yet, this doesn't prevent restaurants from all over the world to order it regularly. The filet mignon used to prepare steak Diane requires immediate cooking at a very intense fire in order to preserve all its qualities.

Though the tenderloin cut is very tender already, there's no harm in pounding it a little before cooking steak Diane. The seasonings used are incredibly simple: some garlic and black pepper rubbed in the fiber as you'd use a sandpaper. Steak Diane is usually fried in hot butter and it only takes a few minutes before it is ready; nothing remains from such a dish, as the sauces resulting from the cooking are afterwards mixed with a little sour cream and some flour to make an excellent dressing served together with the meat.

Now considered a true delicacy in most restaurants, steak Diane used to be prepared with venison, since even the name honors the ancient goddess of hunt: Diana. Though it is generally cooked medium rare it is not a must to follow this suggestion; according to everyone's taste, steak Diane could be well-done without the meat losing its tenderness. All you have to do for the matter is to increase the cooking time and leave the meat to better fry on each side; the thickness of the filet is also decisive here, but most often the filet is very thinly cut.

The most famous dressing to be served with steak Diane is Worcestershire sauce, a delicious fermented combination that brings an incredible flavor to the dish. It is added exactly when the cooking process is ready and it is poured on the still sizzling steak Diane. Worcestershire sauce should be bought ready made as it is very difficult to prepare it at home due to the variety of its ingredients: anchovies, molasses, malt vinegar, sugar, onion, garlic and tamarind extract. Presently it is used all over the world, and it spices up not just steak Diane but a whole other range of exquisite dishes.

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