Why Is The T-bone Steak Considered So Special

On special occasions such as wedding parties, holidays, the Easter dinner or any personal celebration, a refined dish needs equally refined ingredients. Preparing a T-bone steak at home or serving it at the restaurant will definitely prove what a good meal really means. Why is the T-bone steak considered so special? The answer lies in the tenderness of the beef used to prepare it; the price for such steak cuts is pretty high too, not to mention that they are very peculiar to cook too. The main secret when grilling or broiling T-bone steak is not to leave it cook for too long. Why?

Before ordering a T-bone steak you should definitely know that this type of dish requires that the meat be cooked rare or medium rare. Leaving it too long on the grill reduces the softness of the tissue and makes it harden, whereas this actually means destroying the very property that makes it so special: texture tenderness. When you buy the T-bone steak cuts from the market, carefully look for the marble like lines specific to this beef tissue, such signs clearly indicate that the meat is high quality and you are not tricked into making a bad deal.

T-bone steak makes one of the delicacies of Italian cuisine, and it is truly unique from the type of fire used to grill the meat to the seasonings added to spice it up. Making an Italian T-bone steak on the stove would actually mean ruining it, when one of the secrets of bistecca alla fiorentina lies in the use of a wood fire to grill the meat over. The seasonings used include only olive oil and black pepper, but the taste is so rich that it makes you try it any time you get the chance.

Cooking T-bone steak does not require any form of marinade; some of the ingredients used for the marinade can nevertheless be added to the dressing. Dijon mustard and Worcestershire sauce are among the first to use in order to add flavor to this dish, together with balsamic vinegar or lime juice. The best wine to be served with T-bone steak is rich red wine, usually dry or semi-dry. French and Spanish wines go very well for the matter, but unless you're ready to pay for a real treat, don't order a full bottle. A glass should be enough to increase the aroma of the T-bone steak.

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