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Food plays a crucial role in our lives, not only in sustaining us by providing essential nutrients but also acting the part of a friend in the form of comfort foods. Many a times we have dealt with depression, loneliness and sheer boredom with the help of foods that we prefer. All of us have had sudden cravings for a particular dish at some time or the other but for most of us a particular kind of food continues to hold a special place in our hearts. Steaks are one such specialty that is favored by some true gourmets. As a steak is prepared from one of the tenderest parts of the animal it comes at a premium cost and a person fond of steak is looked upon as a privileged person. A steakhouse Manhattan would be the ideal food joint for any such connoisseur of steak preparations.

Steakhouse Manhattan, also known as a chophouse in some states, is a restaurant that specializes in various preparations of steak. Traditionally a steak is always prepared with beef but some people also prefer other kind of meat such as chicken or lamb. A steakhouse Manhattan, though specializing in beef steaks, will also generally cater to patrons with preference for other food such as game, lamb, chicken and even seafood. The ambience and the well trained staff at any steakhouse Manhattan add to the charm of the venue making people frequent the place over and over again. Most of the patrons who frequent a particular steakhouse Manhattan enjoy the complete experience over and above the excellent food and therefore become regulars at some chosen restaurants.

A steakhouse Manhattan usually serves alcoholic beverages to accompany the sumptuous meals which add to the delight of the patrons. The steakhouse Manhattan also serves a tantalizing assortment of side dishes to go with the main dish. The most popular side dishes are generally potatoes, pasta, beans and vegetables or even rice. The preferred choices of vegetables include spinach, mushrooms, peas, tomatoes and onion rings. Another preferred accompaniment to the main course is prawns or lobster tails. Some countries serve steaks with the popular French fries which is essentially crispy fried potatoes. Steaks knives, which are sharper than the common table knives, are usually given to the person eating it and the knives are usually serrated to make cutting the piece an easy task.

Steakhouse Manhattan offers a wide variety of steaks depending on the preference of the customer. Steaks can be raw, very rare, rare, medium rare, medium, medium well and well done. Also at times a certain type of dish may be called a steak although it is not actually a steak like the Salisbury steak or the steak tartare. The variety of steaks available and the different kinds of restaurant like a steakhouse Manhattan have successfully managed to attract and retain the attention of a true steak lover. The style of creating a steak dish and the side dishes may undergo many inventions but the inherent preference for a well made piece of steak will always remain intact.

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