Preparing The Mexican Cuisine Steak Fajitas

Probably among the most popular dishes from the Mexican cuisine that have been imported by many other countries, steak fajitas are a true feast whether you go to Mexico, the United States or Canada. The original steak fajitas were made of grilled beef with all sorts of vegetables cooked together and served on a special tortilla. This is similar to a corn pancake but of a different hardness level, and besides the steak fajitas you can add some cheese, Mexican tomato sauce or salsa and sour cream. The great taste of the fajitas comes from the way it is cooked in very finely cut slices, since this is the only way to prepare it rapidly.

The meat cuts used for the preparation of steak fajitas comes from the belly area, which is the least tender sort of beef, only special thin cutting makes the dish so great. Presently, there are other types of meat such as poultry or pork that are successfully used to make steak fajitas. The origins of the dish seem to go to Spain, but it has been part of the Mexican cuisine for such a long time that it cannot be taken out of this local context. The American version of the cut specific to the steak fajitas is known as skirt steak, and it enjoys a great popularity when served with other side dishes than tortillas too.

The preparation of the steak fajitas starts with leaving the meat to marinate in lime juice for achieving increased tenderness. The marinating period can extend from a few hours to a whole day if it is considered necessary, and also depending on the type of recipe one follows. The heat sauce served with the steak fajitas is often very spicy relying on the unique flavor of fresh Mexican "chiles", combined with tomatoes, fresh-cut onion and parsley or basil.

Steak fajitas are best prepared on the grill or broiled in the oven; the cooking time varies from six to ten minutes on each side depending on personal preferences. When the fajitas are ready they need to be cut in thin strips and added to the tortilla together with the rest of the vegetables; seared onions, bell pepper, guacamole and some sour cream only add up to the delight of the feast. The chile sauce should only be sprinkled on the steak fajitas since it could be more than just hot, and you'd definitely like to feel more from the aroma of all the combined ingredients.

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