Making Of Perfect Steak Marinates

Cuisines from all over the world rely on a diversity of steak marinades to prepare meat for cooking. Wine, vinegar, lime juice or other acid ingredients are used to tenderize the texture of red meats: pork, veal, beef, lamb and venison. However, tenderizing is not the only great advantage of steak marinades, they also add up to the taste richness and make the dish twice more savory. Furthermore, given the fact that the alternative for marinade is either meat pounding or cooking it for hours on end until it gets soft enough to be stabbed with the fork, marinating remains the least time-consuming solution.

Regardless of which combination of ingredients you choose for the steak marinades, the important part is to leave the meat covered in the solution for at least six hours; the most advisable thing to do under the circumstances is to actually let it marinate over night. Here are some further tips and suggestions of ingredients for the making of perfect steak marinates; yet, mention must be made first that very often, creativity can help you improvise some wonderful recipes too, therefore, personal contribution should not be ignored either.

Let's start by saying that at the basis of all steak marinades lies an acid ingredient which prevails in the composition: the most commonly used are vinegar, wine and lime juice. When it comes to vinegar, the best suggestion is to use a balsamic type that has the most pleasant flavor of all; then, red wine always works best than white wine too. The former is indicated for red meats while the latter for poultry only. Steak marinades also rely on a little oil added to the composition, and there are free variations here too: vegetable oil would be the general solution, however olive oil or peanut oil are also valid options.

Spices are next on the list for cooking steak marinades, and here improvisation works at its best. There are certain ones that are an absolute must like pepper and chilly, but for some very special dishes variations include cinnamon powder, garlic powder, ginger and so on. Instead of garlic powder, it is often recommended to use fresh cloves, not only for the natural flavor, as for the fact that a lot from the powder form consists of additives and taste enhancers. Various steak marinades are also include soy sauce, mustard or Dijon sauce as well, but in small quantities no larger than two teaspoonfuls.

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