Famous Restaurant Recipes

A dress may look good on a hanger. It is an open secret that such a dress may not look as attractive when tried on. The same thing goes with famous restaurant recipes. Is it true that a written recipe by a famous restaurant chef will not taste the same when cooked in your kitchen? Here's a secret.

What if you can change that? You can be that top famous restaurant chef. With these 3 simple steps, you will paint your kitchen red!

Wow your guests, save over $300 on dining and save time queuing at your favorite famous restaurants. You can successfully turn your kitchen into famous restaurants like Sizzler, Red Lobster, T.G.I. Friday's, Olive Garden, Macaroni Grill, Outback Steakhouse, Chili's and many more!

1. Use the same ingredients. Try to purchase the exact same ingredients as indicated by the famous restaurant recipes, right down to the brand indicated. Choosing a regular brand over the indicated premium one will not do justice to the dish.

2. Accuracy and Perfection. Ingredients should be measured accurately as stated in the famous restaurant recipes. Follow every instruction closely.

3. Recipes MUST be foolproof. There are many written recipes out there that use estimation of the cook, such as 'a pinch of salt', 'a dash of vinegar' or 'according to taste'. How much exactly is that?

An excellent cook can whip up a dish without any measuring devices, just leave them with their taste buds. But for a newbie like you and I cooking a famous restaurant recipe can be very intimidating. You NEED the exact measurements, the exact time to leave the tray in the oven and the exact instructions of everything.

Your home cook dish should taste like the one in a top famous restaurant. You want to impress your guests and be that outstanding host or hostess you always hope to be. Now you surely can!

Get over 700 foolproof recipes that will impress your guests, save over $300 a month on dining and time queuing at famous restaurants!!

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