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We are living in an era where home improvement shows are so popular that it is possible to buy shares in Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen and his super frilly dandy shirts. We are bombarded with adverts for B&Q, Homebase and the Range to encourage us to part with our hard earned cash in exchange for cushions, throws, venetian blinds and patio chairs. This way we have a beautiful home that we can think about while we work hard all day somewhere totally different.

The appealing nature of these programmes and products is proof of our desire to be the kings of our own castles. It is also about getting one over on the Jones's as it were. Creating a unique space to live in allows a level of expression that is fundamental to personal wellbeing. The monotony of standard issue fixtures and fittings is tantamount to institutionalism; and one might as well be residing in a padded cell.

This trend toward defining ones style through hunting down exclusive designs and picking up vintage Lloyd loom from a Portobello flea market has become a cliched aesthetic in itself. Designer style is being branded and sold everywhere, from Harvey Nicks to Wilko's and even at Aunty Betty's garage sale. It is not just in homes across the country either. This tendency toward an exclusive off the shelf look is evident in pubs and clubs along every high street.

It is time to kick the sterile 'authenticity' of Irish theme bars, American diners and Spanish tapas restaurants into touch and start introducing some taste into these tasteless establishments. The time has come to embrace a more daring style, a style that is not determined by foppish fellers in Victorian cotton.

Bespoke fabrication of commercial interiors is guaranteed to attract customers and increase the potential profits. You see, as much as the general public don't want a home that looks like a reproduction of an IKEA catalogue they don't want to spend an evening in a restaurant that looks like it has been lifted from a marketing design brief.

The public want a dining experience that feels exclusive, and experience that justifies the cost of the meal and the wine and the taxi fares. Going out for a meal means buying into a whole experience; and no-one wants to buy into a generic and mediocre setting if they are paying fifteen pounds a head on a night out.

Having bespoke fittings fabricated to specification allows a restaurant setting to be modified toward the needs of your staff as well as the pleasure of the customer. Serving gantry's and food counters can be made to measure, and many companies offer a bespoke design service as well as fabrication to get a really exclusive look. By mixing and matching coolers, cabinets and counters it is possible to avoid the fast food dross that has become so popular in high street establishments.

The trick is to treat the business decor as you would your home. In fact, more attention should be paid to creating a unique oasis of good taste in the workplace, as that is where most of a person's waking hours are spent. Without a dash of good taste in the workplace, you may well suffer from some post traumatic design stress and enter into a laminate clad induced fever. Next thing you know, you'll be wearing leather trousers and ordering chintzy drapes!

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