Using a Home Pasta Maker - Great Pasta Recipe

Do you love fresh pasta?, then why not use a home pasta maker.

You can get them for your home now, from major stores and online, and you will not go back to the dried pasta once you have tried your own fresh homemade pasta, using this pasta recipe:

Pasta Machine Dough

2 cups all purpose flour (about 350 grams) 2 large whole eggs

To prepare the mixture by hand, place the flour on a clean counter top or rolling board and make a well in the center.

Break the eggs into the well and using a fork, beat the eggs, gently drawing in flour from the sides. Continue dragging flour into the center well, stirring the ingredients together until the dough begins to form a mass.

IMPORTANT: If the pasta is too dry or crumbly, spray with a little lukewarm water. When the right texture has been reached, form a ball and leave to rest under an inverted bowl for 10-15 minutes.

If making noodles, roll out the dough using a roller pasta machine, dusting lightly with flour to prevent from sticking. Fold up and roll a second time, or continue to roll each sheet until it becomes smooth.

Once the pasta sheets begin to smooth out, decrease the roller setting by 2 numbers, and then again by 2 numbers, until the sheets are the thickness that you require for the product that you're making.

Use the pasta sheets to make ravioli, lasagna, or roll up the sheet jelly-roll fashion, and slice to desired width to make noodles (or use the cutter attachment of your machine).
You can add color to the dough by adding drops of beet juice (for red), spinach juice (for green), carrot juice for orange/yellow.

Making Pasta is fun, your kids can help, and it tastes fantastic. The manual machines are easy to use and can just attach to your countertop. Get cooking! You will feel like a gourmet chef.

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