Healthy Pasta -Whip Up A Wonderful Treat

If you thought cooking a tasty healthy meal for your family would mean spending hours on end in the kitchen, you are going to be proved wrong. Cooking can be a lot fun if you know just what is right. A good understanding of the ingredients and their health benefits can be a good guide to whipping up a healthy meal.

Pasta, an Italian favorite and now a globally popular dish is my choice for a quick and healthy meal. I am sure many of you agree with me as there is so much possible with over 350 different varieties of pasta. There definitely is lots you can do with a bowl of pasta. Cooking a healthy meal for your family is easy with the pasta of your choice.

Cook pasta the traditional way the instructions on the package can be followed).Boil enough water, put in the pasta and let cook. When done, drain the excess water and wash under cold water for a minute or two. This would help get rid of the excess starch and you would have pasta that don't stick to each other.

Pasta sure is liked by people of all age groups. Using organic pasta would be a value addition to your meal and also your health. You can spice up your pasta with a number of vegetables to nice fresh look, colorful appearance and taste. From carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes to onions it's all a great addition to the taste of your pasta. Herbs can add to the flavor of your dish and also make it very healthy.

Carrots are a rich source of vitamin A. For good eyesight, bones and immunity; carrots are a great choice. With carrots, bell peppers, olives, herbs or any other combination of vegetables of your choice this sure is a power packed meal. A great combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, you can be sure of serving your family a slice of health with a pasta meal.

You can serve your pasta just the way you like it. The pasta is very versatile and a whole lot of permutations and combinations are possible for an interesting addition to the menu.

Whether in a soup recipe, a cold pasta salad, pasta in red or white sauce or a snack; it is going to be one that is both healthy and tasty. So all you need for a great meal idea now is a few minutes, some wonderful vegetables and pasta at hand. The next time you want to feed your family a healthy meal, pasta sure is a tasty easy choice.

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