Eat Fried Eggs For Lunch

The "Fried Egg" is another situation frequently encountered by those of us attempting to play this crazy game called golf.

The "Fried Egg" gets it's name from the way the golf ball looks lying in the sand. If you can imagine for a moment that the golf ball is the yolk of the egg and 1/4 to 1/2 of the ball is buried in the sand with a ring of shallow sand around it.

We've all been in this situation and if you'll follow the steps below, the next time you find your golf swing puts your ball into a fried egg lie, you can simply eat it for lunch, saving yourself a shot or two in the process.

1. Place the ball in the middle of your stance or just slightly forward of middle as opposed to off your left heel which is the position you should be using for normal lies in the sand.

2. Align you feet slightly left of the target. A little more squarely than you would for a normal bunker shot. For a normal shot you might open your stance 20 - 30 degrees left of your intended target line. For this particular shot 5 - 10 degrees will work nicely.

3. Square the clubface to the target line just as you would for your normal bunker shot.

4. Aim the club face at the edge of the "egg".

5. Swing along the line of your feet (Just slightly across the target line) and into a nice full finish.

6. This technique will produce a shot that pops up and out of the bunker. The ball will tend to run on a bit under normal circumstances so allow for that when planning your spot to land the ball.

7. Practice your short putting (10 feet and in) for 30 minutes weekly and you're going to shoot lower scores.

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