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Jams, marmalades and preserves generally have been around so long that they're part of the landscape. There can hardly be a domestic cupboard, a hotel pantry or a restaurant larder that doesn't have an adequate supply. So, everyone knows about them and everyone wants them but that well-established presence is a two edged sword: on the one hand, the market is very big and reliable; on the other, the product is so well-established in the mature markets that growth is difficult to find (http://www.agrelma.com/it/showroom/showconsxx.asp/Naz/09).

The preserves sector - jams and marmalades - is not growing in the main western countries, although it is in the Third World, one way that the company is seeking to defend and maybe extend its market share is in watching and acting on market trends. The majority of jams and marmalades presents at www.agrelma.com are now reduced sugar. In the UK, the tradition is for about 65 per cent sugar; in Scandinavia, we have just 40 per cent. High-sugar countries are currently the norm but most of the products are reduced sugar, and that has been the case for the past ten years. With the demand (http://www.agrelma.com/it/domoff/visricacq.asp/ssettore/26/Nazione/48) for more 'healthy' diets, and the decline of physical labor that would have burned off the extra calories in the past, there's clearly an opportunity for a company that has expertise in lower sugar products. The preserves sector is one that the company will, naturally, pay close attention to; it's a very important part of its business.

In Agrelma preserves represent important part of the operations: in all, about 40 per cent of our turnover comes from them.

www.agrelma.com has been created to provide fast and easy access to a wide variety of food preserves companies from across the world. Any food preserves company based in the world that would like their business to be featured here, can simply add their company profile (http://www.agrelma.com/it/iscrizione/iscrizione.asp) and their details will immediately be submitted to our editorial team for approval.

To narrow the number of food preserves companies displayed below, simply drill down to the next level using the various sub-categories. Alternatively, you can click on any of the companies below to view their full business details (http://www.agrelma.com/it/domoff/ricvnd.asp/ssettore/26/FirstTime/SI ).

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