Food and Drink Services Industry in Canadian Respect

Food and Drink Services Industry is one of the fastest growing industries all over the globe. These days, Hotels, Restaurants and Bars are attracting investors as a beneficial investment option. That is due to growth of tour and travel industry as well as increased leisure activities of people. They love to spend their leisure timings in outdoor sports, dining and partying outside their homes. Specially, frequency of such activities increases during weekends.
According to a research carried out in Canada, the average household spent $3,279 on food and alcohol from restaurants in 2006. That's about 2.7% of total income and about 22% of the household food expanses. Foodservice is one of the largest and most dynamic industries in Canada having annual sales of more than $41 billion and representing 4% of Canada's gross domestic product.
Internet Usage Statistics in Canada
A study in year 2002 clearly states that, Canadians are the second most active web-surfers in the world, with 56% of the population going online. More than half of all Canadian households have at least one occupant who is a regular Internet user, 28% of Canadian households have a member who has work Internet access while 20% have an occupant with school access, 78% of Canadian households have dial-up access.
Internet is an integrated part of Canadian lifestyle. They look at Internet for all kinds of queries or information. Even food and drink industry is affected due to this trend. Canadian users search for restaurants in their particular area of interest. So, online presence for a restaurant is a positive point from business and sales perspective of that restaurant. Several Canadian Restaurant Chains are having their own websites, even popular individual restaurants are online, and restaurants that don’t have a website put their information on a food guide or community website.
Websites as Dining and Drinking Guides
People are conscious about their diverse dining habits. They love to explore new restaurants, new dishes, new flavors, as well as new drinks. We understand the value as well as need for dining and drinking guide websites when we visit new places. In that case we don’t know where to stay, where to eat or drink, what to choose from menu, as well as the specialties of specific restaurant joints. There are chances to miss the most delicious, yummy, as well as exclusive dishes of that specific region due to unawareness. So, if we add a little effort in knowing about these things that will increase our leisure experience.
There are 100% chances that you’ll find a restaurant guide website for any particular area in Canada. Just look for them, and enjoy completely renovated dining experience.

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