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Many Americans eat at restaurants. Some do it once a week, some once a month, some even every day. Restaurant lunches are common in the working world. Dinner out is common for some working families and in some industries where constant schmoozing happens. People can often walk into a restaurant to find a table and a meal. But at some times, and at some restaurants at all times, dinner reservations are needed. Those without the reservation can be left on the outside looking in, or at least going to a fast food place for their meal.

A lot of restaurants accept restaurants, especially during peak times. Reservations are sometimes needed months in advance. Some restaurants make it hard to even get a reservation. Can any restaurant be that special? For some it's the thing to do.

Make sure to reserve well in advance and to only reserve enough places for the expected guests. There are exclusive restaurants out there. Don't wait too long or you risk missing out on an evening. It might also mean a small table can be had, so fewer people can join you. Wasted spaces often result from reserving too early. Restaurants don't take kindly to that. Bad service could result from an unhappy restaurant staff or manager.

At times patrons do bad things with reservations. But some restaurants are pretty poor when it comes to honoring reservations. Someone makes a reservation for 7:30PM but isn't given a table until 10PM. Such a restaurant may lose business. It's expected at some fancier locations. Those restaurants are expected to be discourteous. Some people like to pay to be treated like bums

Some companies have sprung up that manage reservations for a number of restaurants. These are often booked online, and people have reported excellent experiences. One customer related making reservations for her husband's birthday. Upon arrival she found the host looking up the reservation on a computer. To this patron's surprise the restaurant had done some planning for the birthday meal, providing extras and even a free slice of cake.

A dinner reservation is often wise. Of course, the restaurant has to uphold it. If not, express your displeasure. Stop giving them your money and tell your friends to do the same.

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