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People are busier today than ever in history. People do more and more, which compensates for the speed modern technology brings to tasks. What suffers is home life. People have less energy to spend around the house. That includes meals. Making dinner recipes easy has become a holy grail. It's nice to know there are a lot of ideas around for quick meals.

It was all by hand cooking in the old days. Grinding meat into casings was the way to make sausage. When they ate pasta they used home made noodles and home made sauce made from tomatoes and other ingredients. Cooking was an all day affair. With more at home spouses, this was hard but not out of the question. But as people began to realize they wanted more from life than cooking and cleaning every day, more and more pre-packaged and pre-prepared foods began to appear. Cake baking, for example, slowly converted from mixing flour, eggs, vanilla, milk, carefully melted chocolate and many many other ingredients to opening a box and mixing in some eggs and milk. It's now a simple matter to bake a cake. Far less time is required before a cake can be enjoyed. Change has happened.

There are lots of places to find out how to cook more quickly. The television cooking shows are more popular than ever. Gone are the days of the Galloping Gourmet getting drunk on cooking Sheri while Julia Child droned on about fancy French meals. There's more focus in today's shows on cooking for the rest of us. It's more 20 minute meals and foods that can be prepared in under a half hour. This isn't just hot dogs or scrambled eggs. The focus is delicious meals that appear to take a lot longer to make than they really do.

Pre-packaged and ready made foods are a lot better than they were, too. Most supermarkets have delis where hot meals are made. It's a combination of home made and take out. Freeze these meals for eating another time, too. That's another idea. Use the weekend to cook, then freeze the meals to eat during the week when life is busier. Many foods including lasagna are actually better reheated.

Even today it's possible to eat well without eating out daily. There are plenty of places to learn about making dinner recipes easy. Bon appetite.

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