An Introduction To Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette

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Weddings aren't simple. Every step has rules of behavior that must be followed. Planning a wedding is often a full time affair. Even rehearsal dinner etiquette can be rigorous. Knowing the ins and outs can be the difference between enjoyable and disastrous.

The rehearsal dinner is often hosted by the groom's parents. They plan it and organize. If the engaged insist on thanking the wedding party by hosting this themselves, they should make sure to explain it to the groom's folks. If the parents get very upset, keep them in the picture. Why not let people take on extra work when they insist?

The dinner should take place the day before the wedding, directly after the wedding rehearsal. It's best then so people can easily attend. Never plan this for days before the wedding day. That puts more pressure on people. The last thing needed from a wedding is hurt feelings in either family . Happy guests make for a better wedding.

Of course, both the bride's and groom's immediate relatives are invited. The entire bridal party, each with a guest, should also be asked to attend along with any other friends and family the bride and groom would like to have at the dinner. The preacher or whoever officiates the wedding, offers the vows, should also be invited. Don't be too hasty when it comes to planning the invites. Aunt Myrtle may be a little loud, but is a whole life of anger worth the snub?

Give people a little time to relax before eating. Make it a relaxing situation. Keep this dinner in line with the budget of the overall wedding. An extravagant wedding gets a extravagant rehearsal dinner. By the same token a budget wedding should have too fancy of a rehearsal dinnerA less expensive wedding warrants a less expensive rehearsal dinner. And don't keep people out too late the night before the big day.

Toasts go to all the people helping with the wedding. Don't forget both sets of parents. The toast follows the main course and should be made by the bride and groom. Save other toasts for the reception.

A good wedding can be better with a smooth rehearsal dinner. Keep rehearsal dinner etiquette in mind.

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